Lots going on in our world. Watching the wedding scene from Sex in the city Wow wow wow!!!! Carrie's wedding gown is so fab!!!! The royal wedding gown was for sure made for a royal bride!!!weddings are amazing . Each one has its own story to tell!!!! Happy wedding day to all our upcoming brides❤️❤️

We love what we do!!! It is so exciting to be working on so many original projects!!!! Loved watching the royal wedding this morning. Fairytales do come true. The royal wedding was magical!!!! Megan did a great job of mixing her heritage into the royal culture. The affair was so well done. I loved the singing of God save the Queen at the end🎶

Jennifer and I are at the venoy in St. Petersburg Florida. We are doing a NYE wedding in 2018 and we are here Interviewing vendors for the wedding!!! What fun we are having. This is a grand hotel like the Breakers in palm beach and the driskill in austin. What a great place St. Petersburg is. The waterfront and the town itself. So much to see and do!!!! Happy new year🎉🎶🎈🎉2018 is going to be a great year😎

Own Your Outdoors - Creative Consultants


Lately we have had more and more brides and corporations asking for out door events. Here is Texas, that has been pretty easy, seeing that it's 80 degrees in February. But even though the weather is spot on during your event, doesn't mean your event planners didn't have two (some times three) back u...

A few tips on how to own your outdoor space in today's blog: http://victoriahentrich.com/blog/own-your-outdoors