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Flowers are truly special. They not only bring beauty and color into one’s life, but they can create and bring joy in their purest form. I grew up in a home where flowers were placed in beautiful vases each week, highlighting each room. My mother also taught me that even with the most simple bouquet, flowers are the perfect way to say “Thank you” and “I love you”.

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I have embraced this concept as I have gotten older and now always get bouquet of flowers for people I love or as a thank you gesture. It’s amazing how just a few stems of flowers bring such smiles to people’s faces. It always brightens up their day and especially mine.

As spring is approaching, colors are in full bloom. When planning your wedding or event, it is easy to get caught up in trying to pick so many different types of flowers. Though a variety is beautiful, it is perfectly OK to go with what we all know: Roses. I love roses. Not only are they the flower of love, but they also are the flower of every season. With their immense amount of colors, they can be used all year round, from summer to winter.