Own Your Outdoors

Lately we have had more and more brides and corporations asking for outdoor events. Here in Texas, that has been pretty easy, seeing that it's 80 degrees in February. Even though the weather is spot on during your event, that doesn't mean your event planners didn't have two (some times three) back up plans just incase!

The thing to remember with an outdoor venue is that you can't control it. There is not a thermostat on the wall to turn up or down. There isn't a button to press when rain starts to fall. To have a successful event outside you have to think of all these options ahead of time. Here are three simple tips we have for getting started:

1. Having a rain plan is KEY! Some venues don't have an inside for moving into when things get wet. Don't let yourself be shocked day of.

2. Remember the heat. Sure, you are used to this Texas weather, but a lot of your guests might not be, Don't forget about a way to cool them when planning.

3. Grass isn't wood. If there aren't walking stones or an installed wood floor for your ceremony, those high high heels might not be the best bet for walking down the aisle.

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